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Music students don't just learn notes!


They learn to CREATE.

They learn to INNOVATE.

They learn to ANALYZE.

They learn to COLLABORATE.


Top Ten Skills Children Learn from the Arts:

  1. Creativity

  2. Confidence

  3. Problem-Solving

  4. Perseverance

  5. Focus 

  6. Nonverbal Communication

  7. Receiving Constructive Feedback

  8. Collaboration

  9. Dedication

  10. Accountability

"Top Ten Skills Children Learn from the Arts" by Valerie Strauss.  The Washington Post, 1/22/13.


Message from the Director:

Welcome to the Los Osos High School Band, Orchestra & and Color Guard Program! We believe in the power of music and its influence on the character, mind, and spirit of the individual. We feel that students involved in our program are more active in school events, achieve higher academic goals, and take an active part in their high school experience. Our approach to the music-making process is founded in the belief that in order to maximize the musical experience, the performance of the music must be of the highest caliber. The act of striving toward this standard is asked of each and every student and the rewards are based on his or her willingness to contribute to the collective energy of the ensemble. The various performances  presented by our band, orchestra and color guard each semester demonstrate enthusiasm and excellence in representing our school and community.


Participation in our program is not a requirement for high school graduation. These are activities that we choose to do. These activities are not resumé builders, although they may enhance a student's resumé. Rather, participation in these activities is character building. Truly, the journey is more important than the eventual destination. We recognize that many of the students who graduate from our high school will not pursue a future career in music. We are not a music-major factory. Instead, within a brief span of four years, we hope to transform the student into a lifelong patron of the arts; one who values and appreciates the level of creative discipline required to create and share various art forms. It is our hope that our graduates will continue to cultivate their love for the arts, and share their talents with others. THIS, is our mission.


The band, orchestra and color guard program is a place of friendship, pride, devotion, learning, and fun from the football stadium to the concert hall. Students have memorable experiences with us which will last a lifetime!


- Solomon Encina M.M.Ed.

                – Program Director

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