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Booster club

The purpose of this Booster Club shall be to actively support, financially assist, promote and extend public relations for the Los Osos High School Band, Orchestra & Color Guard Program. We are fortunate that our students are part of a school district that places a high emphasis on the importance of the fine and performing arts. Students in the Chaffey School District have opportunities and resources available to them that other communities can only dream about. Even still, the budget money only goes so far in creating a quality experience for our students, and that is where the parent booster club comes in – to bridge the gap between what the District can provide, and what is needed to provide the best quality experience to the largest number of students. Ours is a program where no dedicated and hard-working student will be denied the opportunity to participate in the band, orchestra or color guard due to lack of funds, resources or equipment. The Los Osos Band, Orchestra & Color Guard Booster Club exists to fuel the expansion of our program and further the success of all students involved.


Parent/guardians of the band, orchestra and color guard students, as well as any other individuals interested in supporting the efforts of our program, are strongly encouraged to participate. Whether your time commitment can be large or small, there is something for everyone! If you have an interest in helping, we have a place for you, and we welcome your support of the program. Monthly meetings generally last no more than an hour, and are a great way to get involved in your student’s education here at Los Osos. Our meeting dates (executive board meetings and general membership meetings) are listed in the Schedule of Events section of this website. Please come join us!



o For all questions regarding Regiment, Orchestra or optional apparel, please contact Stephanie or David Alari at:  or


o For all questions regarding marching band uniforms or concert apparel, please contact Stacey Sinica at:


o For all questions regarding marching band shoes (Dinkles) please contact Tiffany Trang at:

PAYPAL IS UP AND RUNNING – We are happy to announce we have a PAYPAL account set up to make donations to our amazing band and color guard program easier than ever. Simply copy/paste the following link to your web browser:


The first screen is the donation and credit card information. The second screen allows you to confirm and to enter special instructions to the seller. This is where we need the student name and what the donation is for. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Cliff Mathews at As always, donations can still be sent into the Band Hall and placed in The Band Box. Thank you for your support!

Booster Club Executive Board of Officers:


Solomon Encina - Director


Debbie Glenn – President


Priya Yallapantula – Vice President


Mia Attruia – Secretary


Cliff Mathews – Treasurer


Darren Scott – Equipment


Yvette Garcia – Events


Sheryl Mathews – Ways & Means


Yvonne Bridgwater – Chaperone


Haley Protacio – Financial Secretary

Stacey Sinica – Uniforms & Grooming


Andrew McKindley - Percussion


Natalie Chavez – Color Guard


Natalie Martinez – Volunteer Coordinator & Freshman Liaison


Patricia Gomez  – Communications


 Please feel free to contact us!

We are here to serve!

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